Business Branding photos are perfect for entrepreneurs, independent brand builders and creatives. It really is for any business leader with a vision to grow and to build a library of images. Many small businesses struggle with putting up professional photographs on their website  and social media channels so this is a great way to have a variety of images that best explains visually, who you are and what your business is all about.

To put it simply, having professional photographs conveys professionalism. To be seen and treated as a professional, you must look like a professional. Having a great portrait gives you the best chance to make a good instant first impression particularly in this digital age of social media, where the window of opportunity is short and the competing content is vast.  A good headshot  + brand photography gives your future clients an idea of your personality, style and workplace before they meet you. 

Why should I get brand photography for my business? (rather than JUST a headshot?)

While suggesting a location can be helpful in conveying the kinds of setting you would like for a portrait, it’s generally better to let the photographer decide. We will of course work with you to find the best possible location that conveys your business, brand and use of your brand colours too. There are many technical reasons why we advise to let the photographer decide your location such as: lighting, time of day, colour casts, the need for additional light sources, and the lenses that might suit best for the portrait session.

Can I choose the location for my portrait? 

We always advise that what you wear should be something that you are comfortable in, that expresses your style, but also one that demonstrates your brand and speaks to your ideal client. It is best when you choose no more than 3  colours for your colour palette and to make sure that your clothing steers away from patterns, dots, stripes or text as they can distract from the portrait. Keep jewellery and accessories simple for the same reason and bear in mind the shoes you wear match the style of your outfit. We might not see your shoes but just in case there are full length photographs taken, ensure that your shoes suit the outfit! Bring along a few clothing options for different looks for different poses/locations.

What do I wear?

We usually recommend allowing 35- 45 mins (minimum) for your session. Our packages start from $195 for a basic headshot session for 30 mins and our branding packages can take up to 3 hours. At your phone consult we will discuss what best suits you and will advise how much time to allocate accordingly.

How long does a photography session take?

Headshots are an iconic representation of you, usually featuring head and shoulders set up against a neutral/plain background. A portrait is usually a photograph that has a broader approach to the subject and their environment and does not confine itself to a head and shoulders photograph. A portrait can convey more about a person, their character, their workplace, their brand and their skills even.  For every shoot, we organise a phone consult so that we find out what your needs are to capture a headshot/ portrait or branding portrait; depending on what you are looking to display on your website, social media channels or LinkedIn profile.

What is the difference between a headshot and portrait?




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